Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Tucson Ac Repair

Remove this panel all right we got the side panel off and we’re looking at the internal circuitry of the actual AC unit and the capacitors this large component right here usually it’s in the shape cylindrical sometimes it’s a different shape but this is the capacitor I’m dealing with here today so let me zoom into that and that’s what it looks like.

Now understand the capacitors hold a charge or can hold a charge so you want to discharge them before you touch anything so even if you know you think that the capacitor is bad you should still do this I’m going to short all these leads together and I’m just going to use a screw driver to do that and then we’ll continue on from there all right I used a screw driver to discharge.

This capacitor and I put a across each terminal like this and across like that and I was holding the handle not the actual metal part of the screw driver so here’s what counts on this these wires go into specific points on this capacitor and they’re labeled so you should actually write down which color wire goes into which actual terminal and the three terminal names.

on mine are for common I would have to say and fan on the last one so I’ve written this down and obviously I have it on video too and so basically when I replace when I put a new one in here all these wires go into the right contacts they don’t just go willy-nilly.

into any contact so I mind the blue goes to herm the yellow goes to contact and the brown goes to fan yours may be different so make sure you write it down or take a picture of it prior to taking it out so that you can put it back in correctly.

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